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Currently only installation via pip is supported.


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The host taskcat is run on requires access to an AWS account, this can be done by any of the following mechanisms:

  1. Environment variables
  2. Shared credential file (~/.aws/credentials)
  3. AWS config file (~/.aws/config)
  4. Assume Role provider
  5. Boto2 config file (/etc/boto.cfg and ~/.boto)
  6. Instance metadata service on an Amazon EC2 instance that has an IAM role configured.

for more info see the boto3 credential configuration documentation.


docker is only required if building lambda functions using a Dockerfile

Installing via pip3

pip3 install taskcat

Installing via pip3 --user

will install taskcat into homedir, useful if you get permissions errors with the regular method

pip3 install taskcat --user

The user install dir is platform specific

On Mac:

  • ~/Library/Python/3.x/bin/taskcat

On Linux:

  • ~/.local/bin


Be sure to add the python bin dir to your $PATH


Taskcat on Windows is not supported.

If you are running Windows 10 we recommend that you install Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) and then install taskcat inside the WSL environment. For details, see Install and configure TaskCat on Microsoft Windows 10.