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Grafana is an open source platform for monitoring and observability.

Grafana addon can be deployed with EKS blueprints in Amazon EKS server. This add-on configures Prometheus and CloudWatch data sources. You can add more data sources using the values.yaml


Grafana can be deployed by enabling the add-on via the following. This example shows the usage of the Secrets Manager to create a new secret for Grafana adminPassword.

This option sets a default adminPassword by the helm chart which can be extracted from kubernetes secrets with the name as grafana.

enable_grafana = true

You can optionally customize the Helm chart that deploys Grafana via the following configuration. Also, provide the adminPassword using set_sensitive values as shown in the example

  enable_grafana = true
  grafana_irsa_policies = [] # Optional to add additional policies to IRSA

# Optional grafana_helm_config
  grafana_helm_config = {
    name        = "grafana"
    chart       = "grafana"
    repository  = ""
    version     = "6.32.1"
    namespace   = "grafana"
    description = "Grafana Helm Chart deployment configuration"
    values = [templatefile("${path.module}/values.yaml", {})]
    set_sensitive = [
        name  = "adminPassword"

GitOps Configuration

The following properties are made available for use when managing the add-on via GitOps

grafana = {
  enable = true