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HashiCorp Vault

HashiCorp Vault brokers and deeply integrates with trusted identities to automate access to secrets, data, and systems.

This add-on is implemented as an external add-on. For detailed documentation and usage of the add-on please refer to the add-on repository.


Checkout the full example.


This step deploys the HashiCorp Vault with default Helm Chart config

  enable_vault = true

Alternatively, you can override the Helm Values by setting the vault_helm_config object, like shown in the code snippet below:

  enable_vault = true

  vault_helm_config = {
    name       = "vault"                                          # (Required) Release name.
    chart      = "vault"                                          # (Required) Chart name to be installed.
    repository = ""            # (Optional) Repository URL where to locate the requested chart.
    version    = "v0.19.0"                                        # (Optional) Specify the exact chart version to install.

    # ...

This snippet does not contain all available options that can be set as part of vault_helm_config. For the complete listing, see the hashicorp-vault-eks-blueprints-addon repository.