AWS Partners Guide to Cloud Transformation

As you evolve throught the ISV stages of adoption leverage the prescriptive guidance provided here on to seed into AWS Programs and Services. Build strong reuseable foundation assets that plugin to AWS Services. Build multi purpose IaC assets in AWS Cloudformation or Terraform that meet your customer needs and accelerate your journey to the AWS Cloud.

Get Started

What is AWS-IA ?

In the foundation phase of the ISV stages of adoption, you are ready to work with the AWS Integration and Automation (AWS-IA) team. The AWS-IA team of solutions architects guides partners in building deployments of their technologies on AWS, and connects partners to AWS service teams to promote partner visibility and integration with AWS services. Following AWS-IA standards, you can build extensible deployments available on AWS Marketplace, AWS SSM Registry, AWS Service Catalog, AWS CloudFormation registry ID, AWS Quick Starts, and AWS workshops.

Getting Started

As you start exploring the different technical approaches on deploying on AWS take a moment to understand where you in you journey. This guide provide guidance as you mature from the project phase to the foundation phase. The understand the stage in depth see this link. Before we start building on AWS we need to make sure to have certing prerequisites covered. See list below

  • Git hub Account understand (git operation and concepts like branching, submodules and creating pull requests)
  • Configure you IDE of choice Vim, Atom, Sublime Text, Visual Studio Code, PyCharm etc.
  • Deside on CloudFormation or Terraform (See workshops section to get hands on if you need help desciding.

AWS IA Workshops

CloudFormation QuickStart Workshop

Learn to build with foundation CloudFormation QuickStarts.

In this workshop, you will learn AWS CloudFormation best practices and how to build a Quick Start. We will go through different concepts, tips-and-tricks and tools which will help you write CloudFormation templates that are easy to read, maintain, test and expedite the development process with high quality. Each module will introduce you to some concepts and include hands-on activity. By the end of this workshop, you will have all the resources and tools setup to start building Quick Start.

Terraform Modules Workshop

Learn to build reusable AWS Terraform modules.

In this workshop you will learn how to use terraform modules to deploy infrastructure on AWS. We will leverage Terraform Cloud Workspaces to build a sample architecture using AWS-IA Terraform Modules


taskcat is a tool that tests AWS CloudFormation templates. It deploys your AWS CloudFormation template in multiple AWS Regions and generates a report with a pass/fail grade for each region. You can specify the regions and number of Availability Zones you want to include in the test, and pass in parameter values from your AWS CloudFormation template. taskcat is implemented as a Python class that you import, instantiate, and run.

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